This site is intended to give information on my educational classes, demonstrations and presentations. I only do a few classes a year, but teaching is one of my passions. My classes are appropriate for groups catering to any sexual orientation or D/s interest and can be given as lectures or as hands-on seminars.

The key to a good scene is imagination.

Sharing information with new players or experienced is thrilling. Rope, Role Play, Duct Tape, Metal, D/s, BDSM. Each has something to it that never gets old. There's always a new twist, a different point of view. There's always something new to learn and that drives my passion. By giving presentations and hands-on classes I am able to delve deeper into what I love and learn by teaching.

I look forward to being able to present my brand of adult-oriented education for your club or event.

About Bindwell

Bindwell is my small corner of the internet. I made this site because I wanted an easy way to get my class descriptions to program coordinators. Simple as that. I've never been interested in running an adult-oriented blog or photo site. I'll never be a destination on the web, but there's plenty of places to view kinky content. As I add more classes, I'll update the Class Descriptions page.

Please feel free to explore the site and contact me with any questions or comments you may have.

Adult Content Warning

This site contains no nudity, sexy stories, erotic drawings or animated japanese gifs. It's pretty tame compared to most of the web. If you get bored, it's your own fault.

My class descriptions do contain references to adult situations and themes and there are some links to BDSM support groups. Other than that, this site has nothing graphic, so you'd have to be really sensative to get offended. If that sounds like you, you should visit the many other places on the web that are far more interesting.