I am lifestyle Dom who has been practicing S&M for over 20 years and has been teaching classes on bondage and other D/s topics since 1999. With a wide variety of interests in the BDSM scene ranging from rope, leather and duct tape bondage to role playing, formal training techniques, uniforms and gasmasks, I love all aspects of S&M. I believe that no matter what toy or situation you have on hand, a good imagination and a willingness to follow your instincts is the key to a great scene


The Lair DeSade – Los Angeles –
Threshold – Los Angeles -
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OCLA – Orange County, CA-
Club X – San Diego -
BondCon (2003, 2004) – Las Vegas –
Thunder in the Mountains (2004) -

The Extended Biography

I grew up in the Midwest and knew from the age of eight that I wanted to tie up other people…but didn't know why. Long before the Internet I thought I was alone in the world for my desires. I wrote intricate bondage stories in my spiral notebook during study hall, but never told anyone.

It wasn't until I reached middle school that I learned from purloined Playboys and one inch ads for dungeons in the back of sci-fi magazines at the supermarket (can you believe it?) that other people had the same interests. That revelation led me to a life-long desire to learn all I could about other people like me!

Years of self-bondage eventually gave way to the joys of tying up other people! I was very cautious in my approach, but I learned how to introduce my partners to the joys of being bound. I was 16 and never looked back.

I played with duct tape, rope, leather belts, handcuffs (that I finagled in the sixth grade knowing full well why I wanted them) and even role played the ‘bad cop' in my basement with my parents upstairs watching TV. They thought I was simply making out like most high school kids. If only they knew that I had someone stripped naked and handcuffed to the support pole pretending to be a kidnapped motorist!

In college more books and magazines became available as did the first internet Listservs and more partners that wanted to explore not only bondage, but also Ds.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, I joined Threshold and attended my first real BDSM party. I was among friends. I attended many of their quarterly events but remained a primarily private player.

I was first invited to teach in 1999 after becoming known for my rope work, which was not that common to see at play parties at the time. I gave my first class on Rope Bondage and fell in love with teaching.

I teach what I know and I teach what I really enjoy doing. I teach so that I will continue to grow in my art and to discover more about the things that mean the most to me. Anyone that thinks they know it all has a lot to learn. I learn something new every day and don't plan to stop.

Since I gave my first class, I have taught often in the Southern California area, but have been invited to appear at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver and twice for BondCon in Las Vegas . My classes are appropriate for groups catering to any sexual or Ds orientation and can be given as lectures or as hands-on seminars.

I appreciate your interest in my classes. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email by clicking on the Contact link.